South Pole Chamber

Research by Gene Giacomelli, combined with the University of Arizona and NASA, has been developing production facilities for extreme climates like on the moon and Antarctica. In one of the most extreme and remote environments fresh vegetables are grown in the ‘South Pole Food Growth Chamber’, to support the crew of the NASA South Pole Station during their annual eight-month period of isolation. Semi-automated hydroponic technology and extensive data monitoring is utilized to grow multiple salad crops.  Current production numbers are around 50 kg/m2*yr with everyday production during the eight month stay, but can be improved significantly to reach numbers comparable to greenhouse technology.

Lunar Greenhouse
Another research project by Giacomelli is the Lunar Greenhouse study. It demonstrates a closed system for maximum biomass generation, food production within a poly-culture cropping system, water recycling and revitalization of interior atmosphere.  It is designed to produce all of the fruit and vegetables needed by a crew member on 28 to 40 m2 crop production. This would generate 50% of the caloric intake required.  The design is furter adapted to meet the requirements of NASA and to be able to be sent to the lunar surface.