Edible Infrastructures is research collective exploring a projective mode of urbanism which considers food as an integral part of a city’s metabolic infrastructure. Working with mathematical modeling, simulation and algorithms as design tools, we explore the hierarchical components of a new prototypical Productive City.

Our architectural research proceeds from investigations into urban metabolism, emergence and self-organization in biological systems.


Darrick Borowski, Assoc. AIA
Darrick, an expat of the midwest, is the first in his family to not grow up on a farm.  He is a principal at AREA, a design & research studio in New York City focusing on innovative solutions to pressing urban issues, including agriculture, housing and integrated technologies.   He has 17+ yrs of experience working on architecture, design and branding projects worldwide from offices in New York, London, Seattle and Chicago.  Previously he served as Creative Director at JPDA,  leading projects in retail, residential, & interactive experiences. Darrick received his Master of Architecture with Distinction at the Architectural Association and his Bachelors at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.


Nikoletta Poulimeni
Nikoletta received her M.Sc with Distinction in the Emergent Technologies and Design Program at the Architectural Association and her BA degree from the Department of Architecture of the UTH in Greece. Over the last 3 years she has worked in architectural offices in London and Greece on competition entries, private projects as well as public developments.

Jeroen Janssen
Jeroen is a member of the Parametric Applied Research Team (p.art) at AKT in London.  He is a registered architect in the Netherlands, holds an M.Arch with Distinction from the Architectural Association and his Master of Science from Eindhoven University of Technology.